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Safe Haven by Natalie Pen

Safe Haven

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What would you do if the one place where the answers lie, is the one place you aren’t allowed to go?

For fifteen-year-old Samantha it’s a struggle of epic proportions. Torn by the need for answers, she is tortured by her curiosity of a cottage, nestled deep in the woods of her family’s property. What proves to be home to far more than just unanswered questions, her father repeatedly warns her that the cottage is off-limits and that anything pertaining to the dwelling would not be discussed.

On the night of her birthday party, Samantha’s existing curiosity is ignited to more than she can bear when her best friend, Danielle, catches a glimpse of someone in the cottage; someone that Samantha is drawn to, but can’t quite figure out why. The urge to investigate takes over and the two girls’ slumber party turns into a trek through the darkness to find out the truth behind the sinister looking cottage.

Will Samantha unearth the hidden secrets that have haunted her for so long? Or will finally discovering the truth haunt her even more?

Published by Abet Publishing Cover by Aeron Nersoya