Teen & Young Adult Short Story Author

Red by Natalie Pen


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After a long week at school, high school student Lindsey is hula-hooping her way through the late afternoon trying to convince her mother she’s done her homework while waiting for her best friend, Brittany, to arrive for their customary weekend sleepover. Little did the two girls expect their typical weekend to leave them baffled by strange occurrences or to include an out-of-this-world experience infused into their ocean front hula-hoop contests or for their cook-out to be so rudely interrupted.

Time seems to stand still when unexplained wind gusts send sand grains dancing into attack mode, foul smells overwhelm their olfactory senses and other eerie phenomena threaten the otherwise peaceful beach backdrop that exists in the form of Lindsey’s backyard. Was it Mother Nature revving up for a storm of epic proportions or was it the Earth’s core apprehensively prepping for a giant stir? Armed with a slew of questions and seemingly no answers, at first, it seems as if what is happening is not even really happening at all, until the unexpected and shocking penultimate experience shakes them to the core and has them finally able to explain the unexplainable.

A young adult teen short story published by Abet Publishing