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Blue Swan by Natalie Pen

Blue Swan

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For Natalie, Lake Huron is more than just one of the Great Lakes. For this seemingly average teenager of Native American descent, Lake Huron holds the secret to the unspoken truths of her childhood; the truths that reveal that she is anything but average; the truths behind her tribal swan name and ultimately, the key to her destiny.

Navigating the ups-and-downs of high school, life without a father and finding her true identity, Natalie is plagued with a thirst for answers that couldn’t be quenched until she disobeyed her grandmother’s warnings. In her act of disobedience, Natalie’s search for the truth led her to an unexpected discovery that was worth waiting for.

The Blue Swan interactive book will captivate you with its text and the breathtaking photographs by Aeron Nersoya included on each page. The words will come alive as you have the option of listening to a narration of the story, as you follow along with the text, or you can get lost in the animation of the pages with the echo of the audio casting a spell on you, like Lake Huron does to Natalie. Once you’ve discovered Natalie’s secret, enjoy the soundtrack ‘Blue Swan’ by the artist, Chill Mood, included with your interactive book published by Abet Publishing.