Teen & Young Adult Short Story Author


“Thank you so much! I’ve really been enjoying the stories. -Amy”

Red by Natalie Pen


Time seems to stand still when unexplained wind gusts send sand grains dancing into attack mode.

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Cafe Lori by Natalie Pen

Café Lori

You can’t expect to go unnoticed when the new coffee shop in town is named after the “new girl” and run by her mother.

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Blue Swan by Natalie Pen

Blue Swan

For this seemingly average teenager of Native American descent,Lake Huron holds the secret to the unspoken truths of her childhood; the truths that reveal that she is anything but average.

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Holy Angels by Natalie Pen

Holy Angels

Raven isn’t the normal teenager, which tends to seclude her from fitting in, and she can’t quite pinpoint what makes her so different.

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Safe Haven by Natalie Pen

Safe Haven

What would you do if the one place where the answers lie, is the one place you aren’t allowed to go?

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Natalie Pen

Natalie now travels beyond her own wildest dreams. Whether it’s a frozen moment or the beginning of a process, she blends stories across multiple genres. Allow her to bookmark a place in time through a character’s eyes, show their world while tumbling it through another dimension or time.

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