Teen & Young Adult Short Story Author


Natalie Pen

Natalie Pen has always wanted to travel. Her father provided a home in Ohio and a yearning to travel the world, always urging her to see the world through the eyes of others. After obtaining a degree, restlessness struck so she took his advice. Interviewing everyone she came across, she mentally marked the impacts for future creations.

Natalie now travels beyond her own wildest dreams. Whether it’s a frozen moment or the beginning of a process, she blends stories across multiple genres. Allow her to bookmark a place in time through a character’s eyes, show their world while tumbling it through another dimension or time.

She infuses all senses, mixes imagery with sound, and produces a defining story that may dwell anywhere or anytime. Taking her father’s words to heart, she offers enlightenment from a full-textured experience while spurring the reader’s imagination to life.